Artist's Statement

     Until some years ago my paintings have had a clearly figurative appearance. I love urban and human landscapes and telling stories in paintings. I have painted streets, cars, peple who walk or have a coffe in a bar, children playing soccer in the street.... I used to make this paintings with oil on canvas.

     I love experimenting with different materials and techniques. So, last years I have been working on sensual abstract paintings. I make them with acrylics. They are a combination of vivid colors and expressive brushstrokes to create vibration, dynamism and optimism.
I love color and texture. I always try to use these elements to create a harmonious balance. Composition is very important to me.

     The important thing in my work isn't to look, is to feel the paintings. I invites viewer to do their own interpretation. How they see it and what they see is their own experience. I like thinking that my paintings are a kind of poetry without words. I try to do it while explore color and enjoy the pictorial process. I intend to make atmospheric and aesthetic paintings. I like creating enigmatic and emotional environments . It is poetry and fight at the same time. Painting for me is beauty, soul and passion, but sometimes it is also a fight. A fight with myself, an endless battle with colors and stains.

     I paint spontaneously and physically with acrylic paint , moving back and forth, making strokes and spots that dance on the work's surface. I start by introducing colors, shapes and lines and then I respond to its development. I move these elements, adding and removing paint in many layers, added layers, removed layers, gesso layers, acrylics, aerosols, ... with the aim of creating interesting gestures, strokes, texture, color and composition, until I am satisfied with the composition and color scheme . I am attracted to the gestural aspect of painting, the physical presence of materials.